walks in on bro watching free!


me: whatcha watching? *peers over shoulder and saw the unmistakable truth*

bro: …..uh a sports anime *closes tab, starts sweating*

me: what is it about?

bro: they swim pretty… badass i guess. *clears throat* you know, aggressive swimming.

me: uh-huh *biggest smirk on my face*

bro: um… can u like, leave?

me: (before closing the door) *whispers*i ship rinharu.


Now everyone shut up this is how the homo part of Free! works.
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ok let’s talk for a second

cause during episode 9, while it was very emotional (i won’t spoil too much for you guys who haven’t seen it yet) it made me realize something…
while free obviously has

the male fanservice


the adorable boys


the new characters



"Let’s watch the last episode of the first season together"Art by 白松 Follow this wonderful artist on twitter!~crappy translation by me
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Had a fangirl moment at London Aquarium…
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Everything goes to shit before you get shoujo sakura petal storms and wet-chested hugs and gross crying, tears dripping on the bae.

Lessons I learned from Free! S1

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